TCBL Session in Oliva Creative Factory

On 11th of November, TCBL project was officially presented to the community of entrepreneurs at Oliva Creative Factory. Oliva Creative Factory (OCF) is the Creative Industries Incubator in São João da Madeira which currently gives support to 35 companies and small entrepreneurs. OCF encompasses a new generation of creative talent, assuring critical resources and training needed, but also establishing the linkage with the regional business reality, such as the traditional sectors in which the region has great expertise and know-how (footwear, apparel, textile and molds) but also in emerging sectors, thus adding value through subsectors such as design, fashion, and digital media. At the session, the project goals were explained and the creation and development of Sanjotec’s Place and Design Labs were also discussed. Brainstorming followed and the entrepreneurs were asked to think about what resources would be necessary to implement this project successfully. The feedback was very positive and the creative community was very enthusiastic about all the potentialities of their involvement in TCBL. [gallery ids="4390,4391,4392,4393,4394,4395"] tcbl_cover