NOS escolhe Tech4Home para implementação da Tecnologia Voice Remote Control

Tech4Home, a leading company in innovative solutions for remote control devices, has been chosen by NOS to develop the remote solution for its new generation TV platform.

NOS 3.0 remote control will be an advanced remote with innovative technologies, high-end quality materials, being one of the most intuitive remotes ever developed.

The voice activated remote control, a first in Portugal, shows the importance that the company attaches to a closer convergence between the user and television. Using a single button to activate the functionality, the user can search contents, change channel, start up applications or change his/her profile.

This new offer is a reflection of NOS’ innovation challenge but, above all and most importantly, meets the requirements that are seen as most valuable by users: ease of navigation and identifying customised contents for each user profile.

“We are very proud to be part of the innovative ecosystem, created by NOS, with the aim of bringing to reality, the next generation of TV experience in Europe. Both, the remote control and the user interface, have been carefully developed, in a perfect symbiosis. The advanced capabilities included in the remote control, namely voice search, RF4CE capabilities with no line of sight needed, intuitive key layout and new shortcuts, raise the user experience to a new dimension beyond expectations,” said Tech4home CEO, Miguel Oliveira.

Tech4Home is a worldwide benchmark partner that NOS has chosen to ensure that it gets the best remote control solution for its Pay TV offer that is now being launched on the Portuguese market.