Sanjotec provides to startups indispensable physical resources such as office spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms and other equipment, but also offers a diversified range of advanced services, mentoring and coaching, as well as access to a network of strategic partnerships.

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Basic Services

1 - Access to common spaces and services: 24-hour access to facilities; security and surveillance, cleaning services, reception, mail, Internet. Access to meeting rooms, auditorium and training rooms. Access to common areas such as Sanjotec's cafeteria and restaurant. 

2 - Access to information about support mechanisms and initiatives: open calls, events, workshops, financing information, workshops, etc.

3 - Networking and continuous development of a network of strategic partnerships: with startups and big companies from the surrounding industry, but also with Scientific parners such as Universities (U.Aveiro, U.Porto, U.Minho), Research Institutes, Clusters and other public entities and private agents of innovation.


Advanced Services

1 - Management Services

1.1  Mentoring in the development and definition of the startups business model;

1.2  Dissemination of relevant information to support decision-making and business strategy;

1.3. Training sessions and workshops.

2 -  Marketing Services

2.1 Promotion of the startups among potential stakeholders along the value chain and opportunity of visibility with the support of Sanjotec media channels.

2.2 Joint participation in events and initiatives at a national and international level. 

2.3 Support in the definition and implementation of a communication and marketing strategy, through concepts and communication tools and metrics for monitoring and follow-up.

3 - Product Development and IP Support, in partnership with Footwear Technology Center and  University of Aveiro - ESAN. 

4 - Access to Financing 

4.1  Access to financing agents and opportunities: Partnership with Millennium BCP regarding access to credit and microcredit. Sanjotec is a 'Ignition Network Partner' of Portugal Capital Ventures, and works with Amorim Cork Ventures and Invicta Angels (Porto Business Angels Association), mediating and promoting meetings between startups and potential investors.

4.2 Support in the submission of applications for entrepreneurship and innovation Calls.

4.3  Accounting and tax advice services, through partnerships with specialized entities and members of the Sanjotec ecosystem.

5 - Other Services

5.1. Microsoft Network Partner: allows free access to Azure Cloud software at startups.

5.2  Medicine, Health and Safety at work: access to special conditions to incubated companies.

5.3 Recruitment opportunities: partnerships with Universities (Aveiro, Porto, Minho) and the surrounding industry to identify opportunities for recruitment and talent.

5.4. - Free Cloud Computing services:  AWS Activate program partnership


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