ANTÍPODA Consultores is a company with 19 years of existence, specialized in supporting Business Management, in the areas of Accounting, Financial and Tax Consulting and Management Control (Reporting and Implementation of Information Systems).

Inserted in a highly competitive market, it aims to fill a gap in its area of ??intervention, ensuring permanent monitoring, diagnosing causes, pointing out corrective measures and implementing the solutions that best serve the intended objectives and that guarantee the satisfaction of customers' needs.

With a focus on the Reporting area, it supports clients in monitoring their operational and financial performance, ensuring a correct alignment of resources with the business strategy to be developed, in order to enhance sustainability in the medium and long term.

From a competitive intelligence perspective, ANTÍPODA Consultores intends to provide the right information, at the right time, in the right format, so that the right person can make the right decision.

It employs a team of specialized and experienced technicians, adopting a policy of continuous training of human resources and investment in technologies and information systems, aiming to add value to its clients' business and satisfy the expectations of its employees and partners.



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