Adventech – Advanced Environmental Technologies, Lda is a company specialized in wastewater and waste gases treatment. Its project, unique in the Iberian Peninsula, is the development of treatment solutions using innovative technologies, like advanced oxidation processes (photocatalysis, ozonolysis, Fenton Process, Catalytic Autothermal Oxidation) combined with conventional processes (biological, coagulation/flocculation, filtration or adsorption). After a careful analysis of each wastewater and waste gas, trials of the treatment process are performed in the laboratory.  The treatment-plant projects are custom-drawn only after this, to ensure the efficiency of the proposed solutions. Adventech’s purpose it to give specific solutions to the most complex wastewaters and waste gases, namely in the fields of industrial and agro-industrial realities.

The strong scientific and technological profile of Adventech is ensured by its participation in several R&D Projects, both national and international. These R&D consortiums include multiple investigation groups from Portuguese and other European universities. The connections established in these consortiums, to produce new technologies and knowledge and develop the demonstrative pilots, allow a faster transport of the knowledge from the universities to the industrial context.

The vast field experience, the know-how of advanced treatment technologies and the strong connection to innovation, research and development are the strengths of the company.