Sanjotec Createch Boost project is a program promoted by Sanjotec, supporting entrepreneurship in the north region, fostering innovation. This program aims to create a change in the existing mindset and paradigm around Entrepreneurship, eradicate and demystify existing prejudices, thus contributing to the promotion of innovation, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, and risk-taking in favor of entrepreneurial attitudes, intergenerational and training, support and financing and acceleration of business projects.



  • 21  companies created and supported in high and medium-high technology sectors and knowledge-intensive services
  • 95 initiatives (including conferences, workshops, big events, training sessions and networking)
  • 5510 participants,  including technology-based, creative entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, local businesses and young people.
  • The project contributed to the consolidation of the entrepreneurial spirit, boosting the emergence of new companies with innovative capacities that will help to leverage the added value of tradable goods and services, the commercialization and expansion of new markets, as well as increase exports of goods and services. and added value.


Focus on  skills training (soft skills and hard skills), and development and implementation of new business models, consolidation of business models and financial situation, internationalization, increase diversification of export markets, as well as contributing to the change of mindset of future generations, which are tomorrow's entrepreneurs and reference experts.