MAIS Tec aims at increasing the competitiveness of the Northern Region and creating value through technology transfer.

MAIS Tec is a consortium for transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to promote the competitiveness of the Northern Region, namely the business community, since the project is aligned with the specialization present in the region between  Douro and Vouga, thus promoting the promotion of the region's qualification through technology. The project's focus is on areas that are in line with the region's specialization, such as: Production technologies; Advanced polymers, composites and materials; Molds; Materials; Energy; and Habitat.


Encourage cultural change in favor of the importance of technology transfer and scientific knowledge;

Encourage increased investment by R&D companies;

Encourage increased investment by R&D companies;

Encourage knowledge transfer;

Promote cooperation between companies and research institutions;

Create awareness and reorient professionals and companies to promote qualification and competitiveness through R&D;

Encourage sharing of knowledge and best practices between economic actors and the R&D system, and widespread dissemination of success stories;

Promote an integrated offer of differentiated services and products, based on innovation.


Boost projection, national recognition of a qualification through scientific and technological knowledge, in order to create value, and increase competitiveness, exports and job creation.

Promote the economic valorisation of R&D results associated with pilot demonstration projects, sectoral experimentation actions or actions to disseminate scientific and technological information, patenting and licensing of industrial property.

Encourage the emergence of new seed and spin-off projects under the R&D system, with a view of transforming innovative ideas into business initiatives.

Drive the emergence of new innovative concepts, present in the following processes:

  • Digital manufacturing;
  • Freeform Fabrication;
  • Additive Manufacturing;
  • Fused Filament Fabrication
  • Product Design and Development