SJM - Living Lab

São João da Madeira Industrial Living Lab (SJM-ILL) SJM-ILL aims to be a co-creation space for innovation, focused on the growth of the local economy, by promoting an “Open Innovation” environment, focused on the user, supported by a strong technological and innovative capacity.

The project aims to boost the Living Lab of S. João da Madeira and promote it nationally and internationally, through a set of actions that will foster a culture of open innovation and show the potential of S. João da Madeira as a reference region in innovation and competitiveness, with clear advantages in attracting qualified residents and visitors and technology-based structural investment.


Project supported by 'Programa Operacional Regional do Norte, ON.2 – O Novo Norte e QREN', through European Fund for Regional Devevolpment.

Projeto cofinanciando pelo Programa Operacional Regional do Norte, ON.2 – O Novo Norte e QREN, através do Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional.