TECNET Business Camp is an event dedicated to technology, creativity, innovation and social entrepreneurship, promoted by Sanjotec in partnership with Tecparques and Portuspark. This is an initiative that brings together, in the same space, professionals from the technological areas, entrepreneurs, investors, financing agents and institutions, to potentiate networking and exchange of synergies.


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3 Past Editions

  • 2012 - 1st. TECNET: Financing
  • 2014 - 2nd. edition: Business Plan
  • 2017 - 3rd edition: Knowledge sharing and networking


  • Tech Profissionals;
  • Entrepreneurs and businessmen;
  • Investeros;
  • Entrepreneurship and economic development agents.


  • Promote a dynamic space, both high tech and creative, to ensure benchmarking and networking.
  • Potentiate contacts between companies from different incubators, investors, and the market. 
  • Give visibility to incubated companies.

Numbers and Feedback

The 3rd edition of TECNET 2017 took place between June 1st and 3rd with a full house. This year we integrated the Iberian Meeting of Technological and Scientific Parks, which accelerated the networking and sharing of knowledge between the Portuguese and Spanish markets. 

1500 Participants, +150 Stands and 102 Key speakers 
From different sectors in business and entrepreneurship, from Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities, through venture capital, investment in tourism, automotive, agro-food, textiles and footwear, among others. Presence of all science and technology parks in Portugal and some Spain representatives, as well as universities from both countries.

Promoted by Sanjotec and S. João da Madeira City Council, with the collaboration of TecParques, PortusPark and APTE, TECNET once again presented itself as a 'showcase of innovation and technologies', while always maintaining the high level of expectations in the several initiatives and themes among the participants, innovative projects, start-ups, but also some big names in the industry.